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Nikhef is a Tier-1 site for ATLAS.The ATLAS experiment will produce millions of gigabytes of data [...]
Queen Mary's Physics Department is very active in the ATLAS experiment based at CERN as part of the [...]
Queen Mary has a very active role in the BaBar experiement.The BaBar experiment has been built, [...]
The newest experiment being worked on a Queen Mary is the new Neurino experiment based in Japan, [...]
About the Large Hadron Collider
Where is the LHC? The LHC is installed in a tunnel 27 km in circumference, buried 50–150 [...]
Hungarian Grid Competence Center
Hungarian Grid Competence Center (MGKK) BME is a founding member of Hungarian Grid Competence [...]
LOFAR is a low frequency array of many simple antennae distributed over a large area. Together, [...]
Grid activities
IFJ PAN is involved as a contractor in the BalticGrid-II project: This is the second phase of [...]
Other activities
IFJ PAN is involved a wide variety of projects funded by the European Commission. These projects [...]
BiG Grid and VL-e
Nikhef is a founding partner of the BiG Grid project.BiG Grid is the Dutch national grid [...]
The design and development of grid security middleware has been a strong point with Nikhef since [...]
The Hellasgrid Project
The Hellasgrid Project: Building a National Grid Infrastructure Hellasgrid's goals: Promote [...]
RMKI Virgo Group
The VIRGO collaboration was set up between Italian and French research teams, for the realization [...]
At our institute the following fields are covered:  Experimental Particle Physics [...]
Environmental Modeling
At the University of Napoli Parthenope, we are using grid computing to power environmental models, [...]
Grid middleware development
Grid computing has matured well over the past years, with its capabilities, not relegated to [...]
Hungrid Virtual Organization
The Hungrid VO is the first official Hungarian Virtual Organization of EGEE. The aim of this VO [...]
CESNET Grid acitivities
METACentrum The project METACentrum is the activity of the research intent CESNET that covers the [...]
The Hadronic Physics Department (HPD) of the “Horia Hulubei” National Institute of R&D for [...]
Grid computing
The Nordic Data Grid Facility, NDGF, is a collaboration between the Nordic contries (Denmark, [...]
Deploying of Remote Instrumentation Infrastructures - DORII The DORII project is supported by [...]
Grid activities
The research at SCL conforms with overall aim to be on the forefront of the development of [...]
Earth science
When a flood is going to happen, decision makers have to decide what are the most appropriate [...]
IISAS Grid activities
EGI Virtual projects: Fire and Smoke Simulation (2012) SPEEch on the griD (SPEED) [...]
GeomCell in EGEE - Muscle Cell Modeling on the GridThis page provides information on grid [...]
The year 2001 is when IFCA got involved in the field of distributed computing and grid techniques. [...]
The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has deployed a distributed computing infrastructure to [...]
LHC is the large Hadron Collider. The ATLAS detector in LHC is a particle physics experiment that [...]
The Edmond J. Safra Program for Bioinformatics was established in Tel Aviv University (TAU) in the [...]
SCL facilities
High performance computing at Scientific Computing Laboratory (SCL) consist of the servers and [...]
High Energy Physics
High-energy physics investigates the basic constituents of matter, and the interactions between [...]
Grid computing
Modern high-energy physics projects can not succeed without very substantial computational and [...]
g-Eclipse - Access the power of the Grid
g-Eclipse is a framework that allows users and developers to access Computing Grids and Cloud [...]
gridBench - Benchmarking Grid resources
GridBench is a tool for evaluating the performance of Grids and Grid resources through [...]
Intensive Care Window(ICW)
ICW is a front-end stand alone application equipped with essential interface points and [...]
Job Flow Scheduler Service To enhance the flexibility and to minimize the impact on the grid [...]
Resource Broker Service The discovery and selection of needed resources, taking into account [...]
Multi Dimensional Data Distribution Service We developed a grid aware component leveraging on our [...]
Instrument Service In order to abstract different kinds of instruments (weather stations, surface [...]
Enabling Grids for E-sciencE - EGEE Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) is the largest [...]
Seismology is the study of seismic phenomena that appear in the form of earthquakes and vibrations [...]
EU Fusion for ITER Applications - EUFORIA EUFORIA (EU Fusion fOR Iter Applications) is a [...]
CMS Tier-2The Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva is the largest scientific instrument on the [...]
Health-e-Child uses the Gateway, a grid-based platform developed by maat Gknowledge together with [...]
Main research directions
- Mathematical foundations of computer scienceIn this area the research focuses on quantum [...]
SCL Active Projects
  1. CX-CMCS: EU Centre of Excellence for Computer Modeling of Complex Systems  [...]
LHCb is the B physics experiment of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which is currently being built [...]
The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) experimental collaboration studies high energy particle [...]
The Universality of Glasgow's physics group has extensive experience in neutrino physics and has [...]
Grid/cloud based research
The grid/cloud based research activities are concentrated in the Digital Science and Computing [...]
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Scientific activities of the Faculty are presented by research topics:statistical and numerical [...]
International projects
Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems is coordinating three major international EU FP7 [...]
Applied research results I.
P-GRADE P-GRADE Grid Portal ( developed by LPDS, is a web [...]
Applied research results II.
SZTAKI Desktop GridThe SZTAKI Desktop Grid ( is operated by [...]
Who are our partners?The is continuously working to establish collaborations with external [...]
Knowledge transfer & education
In Hungary, LPDS is participating in undergraduate and postgraduate education at the biggest [...]
Latest innovative achievements
WEB2GRIDLPDS currently is working together with Econet Rt ( and E-Group [...]
  Normal 0 21 false false false HU X-NONE [...]
Policy Team
The EGI .eu Policy Development Team (PDT) coordinates policy development across the various EGI [...]
EGI .eu coordinates and supervises the operational activities of the production infrastructure with [...]
Community Support
The User Community Support Team (UCST) coordinates NGI support activities around Europe to [...]
Physics Experiments
CC-IN2P3 is one of the largest computing centres in the world for high-energy physics. Its three [...]
Life science research
CC-IN2P3 is working with a number of life science laboratories carrying out research in the [...]
Human and social science research
As part of its outreach policy, CC-IN2P3 makes its computing resources available to researchers in [...]
Data visualisations
ADVISE (Analysis of Data in a VISual Environment) This collaborative project is developing an [...]
Molecular dynamics research
The Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina, IBB, is a research institute of the Universitat [...]
NPC Bioinformatics Hotel Utrecht
The Bioinformatics Hotel Utrecht mainly focuses on the development of bioinformatics software and [...]
The objective of WeNMR is to optimize and extend the use of the NMR and SAXS research [...]
The LifeWatch project LifeWatch is an EU funded ESFRI research infrastructure that aims at [...]
At the Niels Bohr Institute and the NanoScience Center, Kim Lefmann and his group are doing [...]
MAPPER project
One example of the science done at LMU that is supported by the grid - [...]
Kiosque is written using Java and can run as an applet or from a standalone desktop machine. The [...]
Life Science Grid
Today's Life Scientists need to have advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities at their [...]
The Many-cOre Technology Investigating Value, Application, deploymenT and Efficiency project or [...]
Musical Archaeology
What is ASTRA?The ASTRA projects aims to reconstruct the sound or timbre of ancient instruments [...]
Musical Archaeology
What is ASTRA?The ASTRA projects aims to reconstruct the sound or timbre of ancient instruments [...]
Molecular Engineering represents a step change for the industrial design process - designing new [...]
Regenerative medicine
Regenerative Medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or [...]
Impact of demographic change
The ageing population poses a major global economic, political and policy challenge. It is vital [...]
Parasitological research is a key strength of the N8 universities. This discipline is critically [...]
N8 High Performance Computing
N8 HPC provides academic and industry researchers with access to a high performance computing [...]
Music digitalisation
The Background The BBC broadcasts more than 200,000 different pieces of music every week.With [...]
Arts and Humanities
Ru?er Boškovi? Institute, Croatia are involved DARIAH- Digital Research Infrastructure for the [...]
Grid Technologies
Working in the EU-funded KnowARC project, Farid Ould-Saada is leading a team of researchers in an [...]
neuGRID offers a Science Gateway for neuroscientists to accelerate and facilitate the development, [...]
OpenMOLE (Open MOdeL Experiment) is a workflow engine designed to leverage the computing power of [...]
The Science for Life Laboratory aims to explain the molecular basis for human complex disease by [...]
IBERCIVIS is an international citizen science initiative, consisting of a volunteer computing [...]
Speech and Language
Laboratory of Integrated Speech and Language Processing Systems Activities of the [...]
Weather prediction models
The Harmonie model is used by many Northern European MET organisations including Spain, Finland, [...]
Advanced materials and manufacturing
Dr David Willock is a senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Cardiff University. Dr Willock's [...]
Wind Loading on a Solar Tracker
Solar trackers are usually singly supported slender constructions with large platform on which [...]
Creating a Virtual Brain with a Supercomputer Nonlinear EEG Analysis of Epilepsy Patients [...]
Protein Chemistry
Research Supercomputers Combat Human Diseases A DCSC case story, provided by Professor Søren [...]
Theoretical Studies of the Optical Properties of Gold and Palladium Nanoparticles
Challenges To identify the different geometrical features of metallic nanoparticles which [...]
Particle Physics
CSN1 studies fundamental interactions of matter in experiments using particle accelerators. At [...]

  Science articles in North America
ATLAS end caps
ATLAS end caps TRIUMF has been central to Canada's involvement in the ATLAS experiment at the [...]
MiniBooNE- Neutrinos
The primary goal of the MiniBooNE experiment is to test for neutrino mass by searching for neutrino [...]
eBird provides  “global tools for birders, critical data for science”. Launched in 2002 [...]
Micro/Nano devices have revolutionized modern communications, sensors, and signal processing [...]
Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerates particles close to the speed of light in a [...]
Texas A&M are heavily involved in the Minos (Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) [...]
Petroleum engineering is the practical application of the basic and physical sciences of [...]
May Casterline’s research involves simulating industrial cooling water bodies cold climates [...]
Polar Grid designs and deploys the Cyberinfrastructure for support of science studies of [...]
QuakeSim/SERVOGrid, in collaboration with NASA JPL and other partners, we build Web Services [...]
Computational Chemistry
Deuterium Uptake in Magnetic Fusion Devices with Lithium Conditioned Carbon WallsThe research of a [...]
Jeremy Smith, Nitin Jain, and Jerome Baudry of the Department of Biochemistry and Cellular [...]
The US CMS Grid is part of the WorldWide LHC Computing Grid for LHC science analysis. The US CMS [...]
The HPC University (HPCU) is a virtual organization whose primary goal is to provide a cohesive, [...]
Large-scale GPU-based visualization
Large-Scale Distributed GPU-Based Visualization Framework Greg Abram, Byungil Jeong, Greg P. [...]
Very small quantum fluctuations in the first 10-30th of a second in the universe seeded small [...]
Supernova Simulation Lights Up the Sky
Among the brightest objects in the sky, Type Ia supernovae have long fascinated astronomers and [...]
Modelling Climate in a Metropolitan Region
The greater Los Angeles “combined statistical area” — which includes Orange County and parts [...]
Large Scale Systems Biology
Traditional molecular biology approach to study gene expression and gene regulation is based on an [...]

  Science articles in South America
UCRAV is a scientific instruments grid grid which allows you to visualize the analyses of [...]
Study for a Chilean VO
The Chilean necessity of a technological infrastructure to support collaborative research in [...]
RINGrid - Remote Instrumentation on Next Generation GridsThe principal aim of the RINGrid project [...]
Funded by the European Commission with 1.7 million Euro, the EELA Project aimed to build a [...]
National e-Science Programme
On year 2006 REUNA stated: "An e-Science Programme does not thrust a nation's development. It [...]
EELA-2 (E-science grid facility for Europe and Latin America) aims at building a high capacity, [...]
Water Management
SegHidro stands for “Segurança Hídrica”  (Hydrological Security) and aims at improving [...]
Preserving unpolluted ecosystems is of vital importance to the whole world. Rivers play an [...]
The Industry@Grid ShopScheduling application uses LiSA ( [...]
ICT services and m-health
Read the article on mhealth on work carried out at the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y [...]

  Science articles in Oceania
ARCS operates the Australian Grid linking High Performance Compute (HPC) facilities at  VPAC [...]
ATLAS is a particle physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The LHC is a [...]
Accelerating Invasive Pest Modelling
The Bio-Protection Research Centre carries out research which contributes to maintaining and [...]
The goal of this project is to explore language and programming paradigms that allowexploitation of [...]
Tidal Array Optimisation
Tidal Energy Array OptimisationThis doctoral project aims to develop a better understanding of the [...]

  Science articles in Asia
Climate modelling
One of our primary research goals is to develop solutions for the effective use of grids to solve [...]
DNA sequencing
One of our primary research goals is to develop solutions for the effective use of grids to [...]
Activities and collaborations
High level scientific activity goes on at the Centre for International collaborations in the areas [...]
Medicinal Herb Analysis with Grid Technology
The use of medicinal herb in curing the disease is part of Thai’s way of life since the ancient [...]
Connecting with MYREN
MYREN is Malaysia's National Research and Education Network, used by academia and research [...]
Avian flu drug discovery
Computer modeling of in-silico high-throughput screening (HTS) drug discoveryASGC plays a massive [...]
Weather, Chemistry and Disaster Mitigation
There are e-science activities for specific areas such as Weather prediction model , [...]
Weather prediction model
The weather prediction application running in ITB is the only one weather prediction application in [...]
Computational Chemistry
Several universities in Indonesia were using computational chemistry applications with limited [...]
Up until six years ago, bioinformatics activity used several computers with parallel virtual [...]
Mitigation of Natural Disasters
Many related activities and research in disaster management has been done by the ITB Centre for [...]
The PBS project aims to enhance the availability of bioinformatics services locally by providing [...]
Hazard mapping
The FedGIS project aims to establish a web-based Federated Geospatial information System for use in [...]
Particle Physics
Japan also participates in the computing needs of the ATLAS particle physics experiment on the LHC [...]
Particle Physics
KISTI's Contribution to ALICE Computing0.5% contribution to ALICE computing in the total Tier 2 job [...]
High Energy Physics
HEP Grid @ IHEPWLCG Tier-2 site No new hardware added or upgraded. Seeking new [...]

  Science articles in Africa
Human Language Technologies
Human Language Technology (HLT) makes it easier for people to interact with machines. This can [...]
Internet technology
In February 2013, Kenya Education Network ( successfully set up the first [...]
eI4Africa boosts the deployment of Public Key Infrastructures in Africa [...]
ICT and electronics
The Bachelor of Technology Honours Degree [...]
Drug discovery
Using Grid Computing, NAPRECA (Natural Product Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa) [...]

All people
  People in Europe
Manset David
Project: Health-e-Child, neuGRID, MammoGrid, Sentinelle, EELA-II
Keeble Oliver
Project: EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE)
Morris John
Project: ATLAS
Castanheira Matilde
Project: ATLAS
Montella Raffaele
Project: Design and implementation of a virtual laboratory for the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences based on grid-computing techno
Campos Plasencia Isabel
Project: GRID-CSIC
Kmunicek Jan
Project: EGEE III, EGI_DS, EUAsiaGrid
Schovancova Jaroslava
Project: EGEE III
Agrillo Giuseppe
Project: Design and implementation of a virtual laboratory for the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences based on grid-computing techno
Riccio Angelo
Project: Design and implementation of a virtual laboratory for the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences based on grid-computing techno
Hluchý Ladislav
Project: CrossGrid, EGEE (I, II, III), Degree
Dobrucký Miroslav
Project: CrossGrid, EGEE (I, II, III), Degree
Giunta Giulio
Project: Design and implementation of a virtual laboratory for the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences based on grid-computing techno
Balla Andoena
Project: EGI-InSPIRE
Templon Jeff
Project: WLCG, BiG Grid, EGEE, VL-e, EDG
van Dok Dennis
Project: BiG Grid
Sallé Mischa
Project: BiG Grid
Grønager Michael
Project: NDGF
Fischer Lars
Project: NDGF
Gater Catherine
Project: EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE)
Klous Sander
Project: Atlas
Koeroo Oscar
Project: EGEE JRA1
Aronovich Eddie
López Garcia Álvaro
Coterillo Coz Ignacio
Project: DORII: Deployment Of Remote Instrumentation Infrastracture
Akkoyun Emrah
Project: EGEE
Balaz Antun
Ackovic Branimir
McNab Douglas
Project: GridPP and EGEE
Kenyon Mike
Project: GridPP
Somhegyi Benjamin
Andrei Cristian
Project: NIHAM
Kaskina Baiba
Project: BalticGrid-2
Bardina Liga
Project: BalticGrid-II
Znots Edgars
Project: BalticGrid-II Project
Ludviga Dana
Project: BalticGrid - II
Hernath Szabolcs
Szeberenyi Agnes
Project: EGEE I, II, III, EGI
Hajdu Csaba
Project: EGI-InSPIRE
Mitchell Mark
Project: GridPP & EGI
Crooks David
Project: GridPP
Naujikas Rolandas
Project: EGI-InSPIRE
Lovas Róbert
Ferrari Tiziana
Project: EGI-InSPIRE
Kutka Eduardas
Project: LitGRID
McLennan Richard
Project: EGI-InSPIRE
Schiffers Michael
Project: currently MAPPER, DRIHM
Juozapavicius Algimantas
Project: EGI-InSPIRE

  People in North America
Murphy Mike
Project: Virtual Organization Clusters
Fenn Michael
Garrick Justin
Project: Dynamic Grid Expansion Using EC2
Hardwick Kristen
Project: Virtual Environments and MapReduce

  People in South America
Larenas Marcela
Project: UCRAV, Kawax , RINGrid, and e-Science Workshops
López Paulina
Project: UCRAV, Kawax , and e-Science Workshops
Carvalho Diego
Project: GISELA

  People in Oceania
McGovern Jim
Project: ARCS Systems Services
Jones Nick
Project: BeSTGRID

  People in Asia
Uthayopas Putchong
Project: ThaiGrid
Nopkuat Nopparat
Project: OpenSCE, Diskless ROCKS, Support LAVA Toolkits for KUSU Cluster
Sriprayoonsakul Somsak
Project: OpenSCE
Phatanapherom Sugree
Project: OpenSCE, HyperSim
Farhan Sjaugi Muhammad
Project: EUAsiaGrid
Samanta Tapas
Project: EU-India Grid, DAE-Grid

  People in Africa
Chani Tarirai
Project: South African National Grid (SAGrid) Certificate Authority
Becker Bruce
Project: South African National Grid (SAGrid)
Carr Timothy
Project: SAGrid
Lewis Andrew
Joubert Fourie
Project: Bioinformatics Software on the SA Grid

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  Image slideshows in North America

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All videos
  Videos in Europe
Applications Support in the Int.Eu.Grid Project
This presentation talks about our experience with Applications Support in the Interactive [...]
CERN in three minutes
A short presentation about CERN and grid computing.
Interview with the inventor of the World Wide Web
Hear from Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and director of the WWW Consortium.
Particle Hunters
Learn more about the CMS detector, currently buried 100 metres under the ground at CERN. What is [...]
The LHC rap
With nearly four million YouTube viewings, the LHC rap is the hippest way to learn all about the [...]
New European Grid Initiative (Part 1)
This presentation talk about the Spanish e-Science Network & National Grid Initiative in the [...]
Extracts from the GridPP DVD
Edited extracts from the GridPP DVD, featuring members of GridPP (in order of appearance) Dave [...]
NDGF Tier1
Presentation of NDGF for the Large Hadron Collider Grid Fest - October 3rd 2008
Introduction to EGEE
This is the section of the Creative Connections DVD which talks about Enabling Grids for [...]
BalticGrid at EGEE'08
IFJ PAN is a partner in the BalticGrid II project.
Flood simulation
Flood simulation based on meteorological and hydrological data - CrossGrid project 2004
maat Gknowledge corporate video
maat Gknowledge is a technology company offering professional services in Consulting, Outsourcing [...]
Take a walk in BME
Get a feel for the BME campus on this walk on the "prairie" to the Computer [...]
New European Grid Initiative (Part 2)
This presentation talk about the Spanish e-Science Network & National Grid Initiative in the [...]
Health-e-Child podcast
Health-e-Child is an integrated platform for European paediatrics based on a grid-enabled network [...]
SCL: Striving for excellence
Promotional video of the Scientific Computing Laboratory at the Institute of Physics, [...]
neuGRID, A Grid Brained Infrastructure to Understand and Defeat Neurodegenerative Diseases
An introduction to neuGRID, an EU-funded project aiming to supply neuroscientists with advanced ICT [...]
An edited version of the STFC presentation Go LHC Go featuring members of the University of [...]
neuGRID demo at EGEE'09
David Manset from Maat-G demonstrates the winning neuGRID demo at the EGEE'09 conference in [...]
Grid-based International Network for Flu Observation
The demo video of a grid-based International Network for Flu Observation from EGEE'09
EGI and e-Infrastructures in Europe
BELIEF-II project video about EGI and e-Infrastructures in Europe.

  Videos in North America
Clemson's Network Operations Center Tour
Clemson's NOC utilizes cutting edge technology, equipment, and monitoring tools to proactively [...]

  Videos in South America
This video explains what does the UCRAV -scientific instruments grid- operates and what kind of [...]

  Videos in Asia
Fighting avian flu
This clip explains how Influenza Avian Flu can be battled with Grid computing by combining the [...]
ASGC demo video from EGEE'09
GAP Virtual Screening Service
Hsin-Yen Chen demonstrates the GAP virtual screening service at the 5th EGEE User Forum in Uppsala
Basuki Sulhardiman being interviewed at ISGC2013
Basuki Suhardiman tells us about his work at the Institute Technology Bandung in Indonesia

All tourist information
  Tourist info in Europe
Bain des Paquis
Eating at Bain des Paquis is a highlight of Geneva's foodie scene: the food is always interesting, [...]
While there is evidence of pre-Roman settlement in the area the first major town at the mouth of [...]
Natural History MusuemScience MusuemVictoria and Albert MuseumBritish MuseumImperial War [...]
Art Galleries
The art collections in London are immense and there is something to suit everyone's taste [...]
Historical Buildings
Tower of LondonBuckingham PalaceShakespeare's GlobeTower BridgeSt Pauls Cathedral
Carnaby StreetOxford StreetRegent StreetWestfield Shopping CentreCovent GardenPortobello Market
NIHAM We are always happy to welcome visitors. For more detailed information please go to the [...]
Exploring Lund University
Lund University is in Lund, a medieval city with the university at its heart. A thousand years of [...]
Planning a visit?
Nordic DataGrid facility is distributed across all the Nordic countries and reaches even to [...]
On both banks of the Danube River, and close to the Carpatian mountains, Bratislava is the largest [...]
It is overlooked by the Puy de Dôme at the West and the former battlefied of Gervovia [...]
Visiting Cyprus
Nicosia is situated almost in the centre of the island, it is the seat of government as well as [...]
Tel-Aviv Turistic information
Nahum Goldman Diaspora MuseumAn “essential” site, situated on the university campus (see [...]
Introduction to Ankara
Two thousand years before Jesus, the Hittites become the dominant power of the region, and were [...]
Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Cities
Gordion The capital city of the Phrygian empire, the remains of the renowned city of Gordion are [...]
How to reach GRNET
Pointers to the closest metro station and hotels near our offices are embedded in a google earth [...]
maat Gknowledge has its headquarters in Toledo, a city with an important history
The city of Toledo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, is located on a rocky [...]
Santander is an elegant city which extends over a wide bay with views of the Cantabrian Sea. Its [...]
Cantabria is popular with the Spanish as an escape from the summer heat. Cantabria offers extremely [...]
Food and Drink
Brussels is a haven for food lovers and all types of cuisine from traditional moules frites to [...]
The heart of the EU
Brussels is home to the EU, and houses the European Parliament, European Commission and the [...]
Tourist Sights
Any visitor to Brussels has to visit the famous Mannekin Pis, a bronze statue of a little weeing [...]
Glasgow City
Up until the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 Glasgow's growth was based [...]
The city has produced some very famous names in the music business including Angus and Malcolm [...]
Glasgow hosts the country's 3 largest football stadiums; Celtic Park, Ibrox Stadium and Hampden [...]
Cultural Amsterdam
RijksmuseumAddress - Stadhouderskade 42,1071 ZD, AmsterdamContaining an amazing collection of [...]
The two hills overlooking the city: -Fourvière and Croix-Rousse- and the two very different [...]

  Tourist info in South America
Santiago is right in the central zone of the country, in the Metropolitan region, 543 Mts. above [...]

  Tourist info in Oceania

  Tourist info in Asia
General informationExcursionsShoppingEntertainmentSightseeingSportsTravel informationPlaces to stay
About Thailand
The country comprises 76 provinces that are further divided into districts, sub-districts and [...]
The people of Malaysia come from a number of different ethnic groups mainly - Malays, Chinese, [...]
Welcome to Taipei
Taipei City is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan. It is bordered by the Xindian River [...]

All factoids
  Factoids in Europe
Historical Graveyard
Now disused, the Velho (Old) Sephardi Cemetery, was opened in 1652 and closed in 1742.  It [...]
What does CERN stand for?
CERN is the acronym for the French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, or European [...]
Is CERN Swiss or French?
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, sits astride the Franco–Swiss border near [...]
Did CERN really invent the Web?
Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist at CERN, invented the World Wide Web in 1990. The Web was originally [...]
What is the LHC?
CERN is home the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largerst scientific instrument. The LHC [...]
Famous Alumni
Queen Mary has been an institute of higher education for a few centuries and in that time has had [...]
Innovative Architecture
Marking the university's eastern edge is Regent's canal. In operation since 1820 it is no longer [...]
In this timeline you can follow the development of the NIHAM GRID cluster to 2007 (click on a [...]
NDGF vs NorduGrid
NDGF vs NorduGridMany confuse NDGF and NorduGrid - which is not surprising, especially since in [...]
The Institute originated from the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (1956) which [...]
Academia Istropolitana
The oldest university in the territory of present-day Slovakia, founded by King Mathias Corvinus in [...]
TUKITAK Astronomy Festival
TÜBITAK’s Science and Technology and Science for Children magazines have been running an [...]
More than 1,500 researchers work in the 15 different research institutes of TÜBITAK, where [...]
maat Gknowledge: The new Technology Architecture for Cloud Computing
Since its constitution in 2005, maat Gknowledge has constituted an international reference in the [...]
Health-e-Child wins best exhibit!
Health-e-Child recently won the "Best Exhibit Award" at the biggest European conference of the year [...]
The Tsar's offer under Russian rule
Under Russian rule in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Tsar's offer to establish a university in [...]
The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 by a charter (papal bull) issued by Pope Nicholas V . [...]
Famous Alumni
With the university being over 500 years old it has seen some very notable people pass through its [...]
Oldest Library
Vilnius University Library, founded in 1570, is the oldest library in the Baltic States.
Representing Lithuania
A copy of the old campus of Vilnius University represents Lithuania in the Mini park Europe in [...]
Famous Alumni
Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004, the Nobel Prize winner for literature, graduated from Vilnius [...]
EGI in Numbers
EGI IN NUMBERS (1 MAY 2011)•    33 EGI Council participants•   [...]
S MTA SZTAKI around the [...]

  Factoids in North America
$2.5 million gift for computing research
In 2008, the C. Tycho Howle family made a gift of $2.5 million to Clemson University to establish [...]

  Factoids in Asia
Kasetsart is Green
Kasetsart University (KU)  was established as an argricultural school. Hence, KU has one of [...]
About our logo
The university logo is depicted in the shape of a shield, with lines and an abstract water droplet [...]
10 gigabit Asia-Europe connection
The first 10 gigabit network link between Asia and Europe has been operational since July 2007, [...]

  Factoids in Africa
14th Member of UbuntuNet
SomaliREN has become the 11th member of UbuntuNet Alliance. Chairperson of UbuntuNet Alliance, [...]

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