GridGuide :  (Queen Mary, University of London)

Queen Mary, University of London is located in the heart of London's historic East end.

Formerly known as Queen Mary and Westfield College until 2000, the university is a constituent college of the University of London. It is organised into four faculties:

  •  Arts
  •  Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
  •  Law and Social Sciences
  •  Natural Sciences

In addition to these faculties the university also has a medical school; Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Queen Mary, University of London Particle Physics Research Centre, a part of the Department of Physics, is active in leading international experiments, focused either on discovery and identification of new particles, or on testing the quantitative features of globally unifying theories. The group is involved in many areas of particle physics research including H1 in Germany, BaBar in California, ATLAS at the LHC in Switzerland and T2K in Japan.

Queen Mary is also involved in GridPP, the STFC funded project to building a distributed computing Grid across the UK. It has been a member of the collaboration since the 2001, the beginning of the project.

Led by Alex Martin, Queen Mary hosts one of GridPP's largest computer clusters as part of the London Tier-2 Centre. The High Throughput Cluster comprises approximately 440 machines with 1440 CPU cores equivalent to about 1800 KSI2K plus 197TB of disk.

Other Queen Mary staff who work on the Grid include:
  • Steve Lloyd; Chair of the GridPP Collaboration Board and Chair of the London Tier-2 Board.
  • Chris Walker; Queen Mary Grid cluster manager
  • Neasan O'Neill.; GridPP dissemination officer and dissemination coordniator
  • Zara Qadir; e-ScienceTalk dissemination officer