GridGuide : Avian flu drug discovery (Academia Sinica Grid Computing)

GridGuide : Avian flu drug discovery (Academia Sinica Grid Computing)

Avian flu drug discovery

Computer modeling of in-silico high-throughput screening (HTS) drug discovery

ASGC plays a massive role in the use of grid computing to speed the discovery of drugs active against bird flu.

Members of ASGC worked with other insitutes around the world on the first large scale molecular docking battling avian flu, kicked off in April 2006. The team aimed to use grid computing to speedily identify new drugs active against potential variants of the influenza A virus.

Mobilizing thousands of CPUs on the grid, the grid-powered high throughput screening activity used over 100 CPU years of computing power in just six weeks, producing around 600 gigabytes of results for further biological analysis and testing.

Through this successful activity, ASGC has helped to demonstrate that grid computing can be efficiently used to screen hundreds of thousands of potential drugs in just weeks. The subsequent results from data analysis and in-vitro tests have also proved the usefulness the in-silico high-throughput screening using grid technology.