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GridGuide introduces several of the institutes currently using grid computing to turbo-boost their scientific research; it brings projects from all over the globe together on the one map.

Aiming to show “the human face of grid computing,” the GridGuide was developed to demonstrate the global reach and variety of grid computing, in terms of the countries and organisations involved, and the scientists and engineers who work to make it happen. Grid computing is more than just a technology: it provides capacity for all-new forms of e-science, allows researchers from all over the world to work together, and fuels the research that will bring us advances in medicine, clean fuels, high energy physics and more.

For GridGuide to continue to improve, we need your help, advice, feedback and encouragement: please do not hesitate to contact us.

GridGuide was developed as part of the EC-cofunded GridTalk project. Special thanks are due to web designer Corentin Chevalier and designer André-Pierre Olivier.


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GridGuide was developed as part of the EC-cofunded GridTalk project.


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